Fen Cougar


  • Approx 75ml extra dry prosecco
  • 75ml Fen Tiger
  • Splash Chambourd


In a champagne flute (180ml is ideal) add a splash of Chambourd or strawberry liquor. Add approx 75ml Fen Tiger and then top up with 75ml extra dry prosecco.

Colne Cyclone Spritzer


  • Crushed ice
  • 1 Whole lime 50ml Aperol
  • 100ml Devil’s Dyke Lemonade
  • Lime wedges to serve


In a glass/tumbler approx 300ml add 1/4 crushed ice and then squeeze in the juice of 1 lime. Pour the aperol over ice along with the Devil’s Dyke. Top up with lemonade and finish with lime wedges.

Somersham Shipwreck


  • Crushed ice
  • 1 Whole lime 50ml Kraken or other spiced rum
  • 100ml Cambridge Gold
  • Ginger ale/beer
  • Lime wedges to serve


In a glass/tumbler about 330ml add approx 1/3 crushed ice.
Squeeze over juice of 1 whole lime.
Add the Kraken or other spiced rum.
Add the Cambridge Gold.
Top up with ginger ale/beer (Fentimans is best).


Brooks and conquest only use the finest cooking and desert apples from their Colne orchards in Cambridgeshire.


Brooks and Conquest’s apples are handpicked to order, ensuring the highest quality, traceability and sustainability.


Brooks and Conquest Cyder is made to an old, tried and tested recipe.


Our Cyders are all handcrafted ensuring only the finest ‘Traditionally Made’ Cyder bears the Brooks and Conquest name.


A classic english still cyder  made using bramley seedlings grown locally in our own orchard.

Fermented in oak barrels and left to mature for around a year this crisp & dry cyder refreshes wonderfully leaving a slight sharpness on the pallet that will take many people back to the memory of true scrumpy style cyders.


A finely balanced medium still cyder using spartans and crispin varieties of our locally produced apples.

Made and matured in oak whiskey barrels and left for over a year to give a mellow fruit flavour with just a hint of sharpness and a light woody note on the finish.

Serve chilled in a wine glass and kick back for a while.


A sweeter still cyder using cox’s and crispin varieties of our locally grown apples.

As with all our cyders this has been made and matured in oak whiskey barrels and blended carefully to produce a cyder that is full of summer flavour, devils dyke is a very smooth and easy to drink quaff for those who like a fruity and slightly sweeter cyder.

Cyder Vinegar

Matured for over 3 years Brooks and Conquest ‘Mother of all’ is a Cyder Vinegar that uses 1st pressing apples to give a wonderfully sharp and fruity splash of goodness and flavour.